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Self-Harm Awareness Day

By Nina
Apparently tomorrow (March 1st) is self-harm awareness day, and it's also national eating disorder awareness week, which is also a form of self-harm. Are you planning to participate? I have never fully participated before. I would write "love" on my arms where I cut, but then cover it with long sleeves or a jacket. So, this year, I'm participating. I haven't decided exactly how just yet, but below are some ideas I'm kicking around. I realize I'm posting this a bit late for very many of you to participate, but I hope you'll consider trying out some of my ideas whenever you read this.
Writing "LOVE" on my arms (in marker so it'll stay put all day). This idea originates from an awesome organization called To Write Love on Her Arms. Go check them out! They deal with depression, self-injury, suicide, and related issues.
Being brave enough to discuss the issue with someone new. This doesn't have to mean sharing my own struggles, though it could.
Leaving encouraging notes around the library (where I'll be practically living tomorrow) for others to find, including the url for this blog. Sometimes, we all just need an unexpected positive surprise, don't you think?
Plastering my Facebook and Tumblr with positive messages and links to help for those dealing with self-harm issues.
So, what are you going to do? Leave some comments!
And don't forget to answer the positive self-harm song challenge!

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