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By Plot58 @plot58
This year for the first time I had a go at collecting seeds from the veg that gave me there best this year, I have never done it before but the process seemed quite straight forward. I let a few of each go to seed or in the case of my courgettes let one grow, and grow and grow! So much in fact it was over 60cm long, and as fat as a marrow!
Runner beans, Bolloti beans, Sunshine squash, Courgettes, Dwarf French beans, Climbing French beans The list is endless, and the whole process gave me a great deal of self-gratification, knowing now that next year the produce I have grown came from seeds that I dried myself and the best thing about it it’s all Free, and to me that’s the most important thing is sustainability and using what I can again, I will also have a go at selling my surplus seeds thus generating welcome income for my allotment.
I was also looking into seed swap schemes, but as of yet can’t find anything close to home, I may even try starting one up on my allotment I am sure there are other people whom have done the same. If anyone has any advice on this I am open to ideas maybe you would like to swap???
I would be happy to post some seeds out for something in return. Self-gratification
  This is just a small selection of my seed collection mountin this year!

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