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By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Select best cushionocular allergies are very easy to relieve and treat, especially in the use of eye drops. Although eyes infected with allergies are not contagious, it is best to treat it immediately to prevent degradation and comfort as well. If you experience dry eyes, tense and itchy, can only one of the millions of people who have eye allergies. So, go ahead and browse through this article and learn more about the treatment of unpleasant and annoying eye allergies.

The symptoms of eye stye are little redness and eye pain, a part of the swelling of the eyes, tears in his eyes, little discomfort when blinking, and the power of vision is also low. They seem confused and after a few days, they disappear but our body has to fight him. There is a simple way to avoid this type of disease, only to wash their hands before touching the eyes, this small operation can save you from eye stye. There are many types of treatments available to cure this type of bacterial infection.

Itching, burning makes eyes water should not be confused with the tears that come from sinus pressure, a related allergy. If your head feels "stuffy" sometimes it affects produce pressure, large glands almond eyes, tears. This pressure makes your eyes begin to flow. Ocular allergies are very different than tears of breasts causes pressure. People with eye allergies are redness and irritation that is often described as burning, itching or feeling tired.

Conjunctivitis can be caused by a virus, bacteria, irritating substances (shampoos, dirt, smoke, and especially pool chlorine swimming), allergens (substances that cause allergies) and diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases (MST) . It is easily treated with eye drops prescription. It has an undeserved bad reputation of being contagious. It is easy to spread, but only through direct contact. Not air born.

have sore red eyes, a sign of several disorders can be. But in general, this condition can be caused by allergic reaction to certain substances. If irritation is accompanied by pus ducts eyes, most likely you have contracted conjunctivitis. As the ability of your body getting older, natural lubricant is reduced to the skin, joints and eyes slowly to produce. Eye, decreased essential lubricants causes a feeling of dryness, particularly in the outer surface of the eyeball. This is evidenced by the number of hours, however, it reinforced the computer screen or watching television spending.

eye allergy is usually an adverse reaction to a substance. Close For example, allergy eyes can be caused by pollen, weeds and Exposition lawn. This is mainly in autumn and spring. If you go, you can be overwhelmed by the effects of allergens and pollen. You can also take measures to improve the environment in which they live. Make sure your home to keep it clean and free of dust and dander, as much as possible. Use mattresses, hypoallergenic pillows and pillowcases to combat dust and mites.

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