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Sego Releases New Single ‘Sucker/Saint’ [Premiere]

Posted on the 18 October 2017 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Sego Releases New Single ‘Sucker/Saint’ [Premiere]

Songwriter Spencer Petersen grew up in a religious home in Utah, an upbringing that continues to elicit tension against his current life in modern Los Angeles. In attempt to understand his own identity, observing the past is necessary, even when it is at complete odds with the present. Both Petersen and bandmate Thomas Carroll have uprooted from a lifestyle of quiet and mountains to a large and daunting city, two completely opposite environments, but carried the music with them nonetheless. Perhaps it is this dichotomy that makes Sego’s music so exciting.

“Sucker/Saint” is the second single this fall from the Los Angeles indie rock band. The song is filled with grungy guitars, energetic shakers and a vocal that’s loaded with both angst and acceptance. Sego shows us that we certainly cannot change the past, and we can’t throw it away, even if we desperately want to. The song ends with the lyrics “in it / but not of it / I’m high / but not above it,” a concluding sentiment that lets us know that no circumstance can define us, and that we can be suckers, saints and everything in between.

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