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Seeing More Every Day

By Janehspark

Adding to our awesome team is one of my most important jobs, and I worry about it a lot because we have such a unique energy and culture. 

When I think about the amazing colleagues I have the good fortune to work with, I can’t really take credit for finding them, or even hiring them for what they ended up being so great at.  Often I wonder if I made great hire decisions accidentally, for the wrong reason.

But retention is a different matter.  I think my special power is that once I have worked with someone for a while – whether it’s an employee, vendor or investor, I love seeing the potential for more.  Because our world changes faster and faster every day, each of us is constantly in new positions, showcasing new strengths that we might not have known we had.

I’m not sure I know anyone who hires well.  I used to focus on that earlier in my career.  Now, the leaders I admire most are amazing to me because they are able to see more in every hire and retain the best well. 

It’s like falling in love with your husband all over again when  you have your first baby.  Seeing amazing people expand in roles you aren’t familiar with is such an incredible feeling. 

I see this everyday at Julep.  I am one lucky gal.

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