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Seed Vs Set's

By Plot58 @plot58
This year I have had a go a growing onions from seed, I have never done this before I have always gone down the route of sets and put them in end of march beginning of April, but now I have the allotment I thought I would give seed onions ago as in the long run will be cheaper. I have read a lot off for and against sowing from seed but the only true way I will ever find out I believe Is to do it for myself and see. Seed Vs Set's I will also grow some sets but only one variety as yet to be decided and I may choose a Red onion as I love onion in salads but the onion form seed I have chosen is F1 Santero mainly because last year I had Downy Mildew and this variety is resistant to it I sowed the seed last Monday and it has now over the last 24 hours started to show. So I suppose the season has begun for me this is the earliest that I have ever sown seeds as I normally wait till march before I start but now I have the Allotment this will all change I suppose .
Along with my potato experiment this year I will also run a seed Vs Set test and this will hopefully aid me in the future to decide seed or set.
I didn’t know that this was quite a “hot topic” in gardening circles and which side you sit Seed or Set  but I believe in the wise words of Harry Hill…………..”well I like seed onions but I also like set onions hhmmmm there’s only one way to sort this…………..FIGHT!”

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