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SEED PLANTING - Which Seeds 3 of 3

By Dyarnell @dyarnell
SEED PLANTING - which seeds 3 of 3The Shepherds Scabiosa is a mistake. Looks great but is for zone 5, oops. I honestly thought I put it back on the rack but now that I have them I will try direct sowing them as annuals in the front lasagna garden.SEED PLANTING - which seeds 3 of 3The sunflowers are going to go along the back fence - where there is no garden currently.
Yes, I have just committed to adding in more beds before I have even started weeding my existing ones but this one will be very long, very thin and very specific.  Should be easy, right?

What is this white fence if not a 75' long canvass?

Now is my chance, I have never had enough sun to grow Sunflowers before.I have 7 packs of seeds and no idea how many seeds come in a packet nor how many I will need, though I presume I will need more and they will all be in hues of red.  Most are in the 5-6' range but two packs will produce just 2' tall plants which I will intersperse amongst the others to spread out their glorious blooms, taking full advantage of the clean white backdrop.
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