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Sedum 'Autumn Fire' - Final Pruning Results

By John Markowski @jmarkowski0

Back in June, I pinched back one of my Sedum 'Autumn Fire' as a pruning experiment. You can read the original post here.
I then updated the results in early September which you can also read here.
I'm here today to state that I will, without a doubt, be pinching back all of my Sedum 'Autumn Fire' in June next year. The ultimate size of the plant that was cut back didn't differ much from the unpruned plants, but the blooms on the pruned plant have persisted longer into fall and that is enough to convince me it is worth it. 
Here is a bloom on the pruned Sedum (as of today): Sedum 'Autumn Fire' - Final pruning results
And a bloom on one of the unpruned plants (as of today):
Sedum 'Autumn Fire' - Final pruning results
The difference may be subtle, but I'll take any extended bloom color whenever I can get it.
Maybe I'll do a double pinch back next year and analyze the results.
Is it June yet?

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