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Seduction and Platforms: Which One Does It Best?

Posted on the 05 October 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: It is all about grabbing the attention of that ever impatient, busy and forever curious member of the audience.  We all try to seduce, through photos, headlines, illustrations. Is it possible that the new digital technology can seduce quicker than print, for example? Or, is it all about the content, regardless of the platform? An Australian with a fascinating illustration asks the question.

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I have just discovered (thanks, William Powers!) a cartoon by Robin Dickinson, an Australian and self described “proven business facilitator and mentor who will get you diamond-focused on the plans, strategies & tactics that deliver lasting success.“

Although Robin Dickinson is obviously not involved in what we would call the traditional media, his latest entry in his blog poses a fascinating question, along with this interesting cartoon seen above: Does technology increase the power of content to grab and hold our attention?

Unfortunately, there is still very little research to answer the question scientifically.

For us editors and designers who work with both print and digital publishing, and who emphasize storytelling as the key, there is no question that the new technology—-let’s concentrate on tablets—-does enhance stories.  I encourage editors and designers to give stories longer legs through the multi genre possibilities that tablet publishing affords:  let me hear the voice of the person in the interview, show me a short clip of that musical that you are reviewing, make that graphic about how the construction of the new Twin Towers at Ground Zero is proceeding.  Obviously, these are things that the new technology allows us to with stories that print can’t.

Here is what William Powers, author of Hamlet’s BlackBerry, has to say:

I like the way this cartoon captures the big hanging question of this media age: What resonates? We’re putting so much faith in the platforms themselves, as if they have all the magic. But, as you know so well, the real magic is human storytelling. The content has to sing, and that’s our job. A shiny new tablet is great, but it can’t turn a dull story into an unforgettable one.“

I agree. And, if I had to answer Robin’s question today, I would put my money on the fact that it is still the story, the content , that seduces and holds our attention, regardless of the platform.

I would be interested to hear your views here!

Today’s pop up

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Bild’s pop up today shows us Formula One world champion, Sebastian Vettel, giving us information about Jupiter Mountain, Heartline, Fateline, Liveline, Venus Mountain. A clever way to present it.

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