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Second Grade Sneaky

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
You know what's great about cleaning? You find things the girls thought they had hidden. Yesterday while cleaning out some drawers we found candy wrappers, a lollipop and some gum. Behind a picture frame I found a half-eaten cookie.
It's one of the funny things about this age. They sneak treats when we're not paying attention. The problem is they forget to hide the evidence. They haven't yet figured out that they should throw the wrappers in the trash rather than stuff them in a drawer.
When they get caught, they seem stunned. Their eyes grow wide and they try to decide if they should tell the truth or lie. We always tell them they get in more trouble for lying than for telling the truth, so the truth wins.
We do lecture them about sneaking food, but we're also laughing that they don't hide the evidence. Of course we laugh when they are not around...most of the time.

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