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Seasons Change

By Nicelise
Seasons ChangeHere in the Northeast, we've been experiencing some wild case you haven't already heard. But aside from earthquakes and hurricanes, one thing I've noticed this week is a change in temperature.
For the past week or so, the nights have been cool. The air conditioning is off and the windows are open. I put jeans on the other night for the first time since April. I wore a tank top and was cold.
Aside from generally just not liking cold weather, this little change is a huge indicator that summer is winding down. Before I know it, my bikinis will be collecting dust and I'll be adding multiple fleece blankets to my bed.
Seasons ChangeIf you are like me, you are not a fan of the transition from summer to winter. I love the heat, sunshine and beach/pool time that comes along with the summer season. For me, the winter is cold and gloomy and I spend the entire season counting down the days until it's over.
As I was thinking about my feelings about the seasons changing, I couldn't help but compare it to how some people feel about the possibility of their relationship status changing.
For some, being in a relationship is like summertime for them -- it makes them happy, they're comfortable with that status, and the thought of being single is cold and gloomy for them.
But, for some other people, being single is comparable to summer -- it's fun, they have freedom and the idea of being tied down depresses them.
Seasons ChangeMy girlfriend and I were recently talking about how anytime we get close to a point of making the transition of getting into a relationship with someone, we decide we would rather be single and change our minds about what we want.
But the more I thought about changing seasons and changing relationship statuses, the more I came back to the idea that it isn't about the season. In other words, when it comes down to changing your relationship status, it matters more about who the person is involved in the transition than the actual transition.
If the person you're involved with makes you second guess giving up your singledom for them, maybe you shouldn't make the transition. But when you want to make the transition and you want the season to change, there's no question on your part that you should make that move.
xoxo Nickie

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