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Seafood Lovers Paradise at Lucius

By Amsterdam City Tours

Seafood lovers paradise at Lucius

Locals and in the know travellers know that for good seafood, there is only one restaurant in Amsterdam to visit. For the best part of its 36-year history, restaurant Lucius has been know for excellent selection of seafood delicacies.

There are no boatful signs, no pushy servers and no gimmicks at Lucius. The smart, polished white interior and charming staff – in white aprons too – give off nothing but the impression that the food speaks for itself. And boy does it.

I spent an evening with a friend at Lucius and right away, we felt comfortable at our choice of restaurant. And being fans of oysters, we put Lucius to the ultimate seafood test and browsed their selection. It is difficult to imagine a little Dutch restaurant having such a fine selection including year-round favourites “Quatre Saisons� to the oyster dish carrying the house namesake “Plateau Lucius.�

Seafood lovers paradise at Lucius

But I had my eye on a main dish. Everything from the catch of the day to the large, leering lobsters were making my mouth water. So, my partner and I chose to split a platter. Teeming with a taste of everything from mussels to prawns, a half-lobster and crab claws, we were beyond satisfied and both full.

But we weren’t too full to gawk at the meals delivered to the couple next to us. They ordered the Lucius specialty of baby sole lightly pan fried in butter and elegantly presented. I couldn’t resist a generously offered bite, and the fish was as fresh and flavourful as it looked.

Though the restaurant’s atmosphere doesn’t have that at home feeling of some fine dining establishments, Lucius doesn’t skimp on what matters. It’s the quality of the food and the reliability that assures you can enjoy a well prepared – and delicious – meal. Then head elsewhere for coffee or after dinner drinks, satisfied you’ve had the best seafood in town.

Seafood lovers paradise at Lucius

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