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Scrolling Text For Notification Message

Posted on the 07 July 2016 by Jani18
Scrolling text is a good way to convey important message to viewers.If you have any notification or latest news that you want to share with your view then this trick may help you get your viewers attention.
animated text notification The first one is very simple with white background and second has
blue can text and change color of background.
simple scrolling text messagesimple scrolling text messagesimple scrolling text message<marquee>simple scrolling text message</marquee> <br />
<marquee bgcolor="#99CCFF">simple scrolling text message</marquee>
 <marquee behavior="alternate" bgcolor="#9999CC" direction="left" scrollamount="5">simple scrolling text message</marquee>
you can replace simple scrolling text message with your text ans save it.
Note: you can add scrolling text in html of post or add html/javascript gadget and paste above code and save it.  

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