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Scrapbook Soup TV Airing Soon

By Cbdesigns @cherylboglioli


I’m so excited to share the following Happy News!!  Remember when I flew out to film a few segments for Scrapbook Soup TV?  It’s finally time for my film debut.  I had such a great time and, as always, enjoyed laughing with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  While there, I also had the pleasure of meeting Christine Drumheller from Cocoa Daisy and was able to see Amy Tangerine on set as well.  These ladies are always an inspiration!  So, check out the press release available below:


Local Treasure Coast Artist and Professional Designer in the Craft & Hobby Industry, Cheryl Boglioli, will be featured in 6 episodes of this years Scrapbook Soup TV.   Boglioli filed these episodes in Solon, Ohio while traveling the United States and Canada during her Spring 2015 Living The Art Life™ Tour.  Boglioli will be traveling again in September and October heading out to the Midwest along with her 1970 Vintage Travel Trailer, Glinda.  Boglioli is available for interview and can be reached at [email protected].

Look for the upcoming episodes this fall starting August 13 on your local PBS stations.  If Scrapbook Soup TV is not on your local PBS, you will be able to catch up when broadcasted on their Vimeo channel starting October.  Purchase of DVD’s will also be available soon.



Contact: Kathie Stull, KS Inc. Productions,

440-349-3977, [email protected]

Freshen It Up



It’s time to freshen things up.

Join host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer as she explores fresh new ways to create, capture and celebrate life’s best moments with today’s top artists and designers.

On SCRAPBOOK SOUP series 500, takes a fresh approach to designs, materials and mediums to reflect today’s hottest trends. Brush up your skills using the latest tools, techniques and products to give scrapbook pages, journals, cards and gifts a fresh new look. Add some shiny details and even light up the night.

So, let’s stir it all up and add a fresh new twist on SCRAPBOOK SOUP!

SCRAPBOOK SOUP is sponsored in part by:

Brother International Corporation, Sakura Color Products of America,

PLUS Corporation of America, Paper House Productions, Proxxon, Smoothfoam,

Kaleidoscope Collections LLC, and The Crafter’s Workshop

SCRAPBOOK SOUP will be available to all Public Television stations across the country. The shows are shot and posted at KS Productions Studio in Solon, Ohio.

The scheduled initial air date is Thursday, August 13, 2015 from 1500-1530ET/HD 04 via NETA (The National Educational Telecommunications Association).


501 – Shine It Up

Polish it and make it shine. Amy Tan makes pages gleam with foil and shares her favorite tape storage tip. Christine Drumheller adds bling and banners to her memory pages. Joe Rotella creates a shimmering lantern that lights up the nighttime.

502 – Pocket Scrapbooking

Save special treasures in pockets. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer brushes up page pockets with patterns. May Flaum mixes pockets into traditional pages. Joe Rotella has a stamping tip and Christine Drumheller goes way outside the pockets with embellishments.

503 – Titles

Titles start the story. Calligrapher Joanne Fink creates luscious lettering and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shares her favorite title ideas. Christine Drumheller has a tip for making mini-albums and Ashley Horton lets loose with foils and colors to create attention- grabbing titles.

504 – Family

Sweeten favorite family photos. Cheryl Boglioli goes beyond the frame by adding tags to framed photos and then shares a special tip. Ashley Horton creates a fun page for her sister. Amy Tan preserves special family memories with artistic techniques the whole family can enjoy together.

505 – Time

Let’s liven things up! Joe Rotella makes a delightful owl clock. Cheryl Boglioli saves time as she creates colorful backgrounds for journals and scrapbooks. May Flaum has a great tip for adding interest to her pages. Christine Drumheller stays on schedule with a daily planner personalized with stickers and laminated pages.

506 – DIY Embellishments

Renovate the surface of your pages. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer adds depth to her designs with amazing shrinking embellishments. May Flaum creates dynamic designs with misty effects using scraps. Ashley Horton has a tip for storing tiny letters and embellishments. Cheryl Boglioli makes 3-D designs with fringed fabric and felt.

507 – Celebrations

It’s time to celebrate. May Flaum starts the party with a special birthday party invitations and a shout-out page. Joe Rotella makes charming thank-you gift sets for hostesses. May Flaum has a tip for great backgrounds. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer celebrates Girls’ Night Out with a page made with stamp rollers and sticker tape.

508 – Travel

Set off in new directions. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer creates a travel journal with painted

images. Cheryl Boglioli makes a handy caddy for creating on the road. Joe Rotella has

a tip for keeping track of un-mounted rubber stamps. Ashley Horton saves the most

delicious travel memories on stenciled pages.

509 – Me, Me, Me

It’s fun to take and share selfie photos. Amy Tan gets selfies out of the camera and

onto artful pages. Ashley Horton uses fancy frames to capture a bit of herself in her designs.

Amy Tan has a tip for adding stitches to patterned paper. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer creates a fun photo

series from every day activities.

510 – Stamping

Make the most of your stamps or create new ones. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer carves her own

stamps. May Flaum makes a stamped image pop off the page. Christine Drumheller has

a handy gluing tip for clips and charms. Cheryl Boglioli stamps contemporary positive

and negative images using gelatin plates.

511 – Color Explosion

Add new life to the simplest designs. Ashley Horton adds splashes of color to highlight a

page. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer explores the meaning of color with stamp rollers and

watercolors. Ashley Horton has a tip for hand-stitching on scrapbook pages.

Calligrapher Joanne Fink mixes it up with metallic inks.

512 – Turn on the Tools

Energize your creativity by adding power. Cheryl Boglioli gets into the groove

with a cool stenciling tool. May Flaum adds texture with sewing machine stitches.

Cheryl Boglioli shares a painting tip. Joe Rotella lights up lettering with twinkling


513 – Details

Adding new details keeps things fresh. Christine Drumheller add textures as she

designs with thread using the sewing machine. Amy Tan sprays and spatters paint for

special effects. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer wraps it all up with a review of the fresh new

techniques featured throughout the series.



1500-1530ET/HD 04, VIA NETA

The National Educational Telecommunications Association

Scrapbook Soup is available royalty free to NETA members and subscribers.

The series is in the NETA Tape Library.

For more information contact:

KS, Inc. Productions

800.348.3909 or email [email protected]


KS, Inc. Productions specializes in the creation, production, and marketing of how-to programming – mirroring the growing market of how-to enthusiasts. Many of the top rated how-to programs on Public Television are from KS, Inc. Productions. They include: Beads, Baubles and Jewels, Fit 2 Stitch, Hands On Crafts for Kids, It’s Sew Easy, Quilting Arts, and Scrapbook Soup. Over the past 26 years, KS, Inc. Productions has produced 15 different titles and over 2800 episodes for Public Television.

In addition to how-to programs, KS, Inc. Productions develops and produces a range of video productions including numerous instructional and educational videos/DVDs for manufacturers in the how-to industry.

All of the programming and video produced by KS Productions is enhanced with a complete social media marketing package including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and web sites reaching how-to enthusiasts online.


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