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Scrapbook: Mr. Comparison

By Mmadalynne @mmadalynne

mr comparison Scrapbook: Mr. Comparison

Breanna Rose recently wrote about “Mr. Comparison” – that “creeper” who enters your life and reminds you of what others are doing and what you’re not doing. Mr. Comparison makes you feel down for not doing what everyone else is and Mr. Comparison makes you feel alone for paving your own way. He seems like a nice guy but he really isn’t – he’s slows you down as you try to follow everyone else’s footsteps. He has come into my life before and you know what I do to throw him out? I put my blinders on, look forward, and don’t get distracted by what is going on to the left or to the right of me. Not being diverted or sidetracked by my surroundings, I’m more in tune with what I want and the direction I want to take. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Comparison was close to getting too close to me, but I’ve been really proud of myself lately that I was able to shun him out of my life and stay on target. Since he’s been out of sight and mind, it’s been fun watching Tilly, LaurenAmy, and all the other seamstresses around the web make things that represent them as a sewer, and it’s also been thrilling to keep up with them by making my own things that are unique me. So take that Mr. Comparison!

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