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Scone in 60 Seconds(ish)!

By Plot58 @plot58

My favorite sister-in-law popped over today with my youngest niece as we are on our holi-bubbles and doing a spot of decorating she brought over a lovely soup which we had for our lunch. Whilst we were eating she was sharing a story about how she loves pineapple & cheese but wondered if they would make edible savoury scones and her husband thought she was mad! Well to me as a chef that’s like a red rag to a bull!, could this retro 70’s buffet snack loved buy so many people on birthday parties and “nibbles” when people come over be reinvented as a savoury snack?
As luck would have it I had a fresh pineapple sitting on the side so we set about having a go.
We halved a recipe I use all the time as we weren’t sure how they would turn out. We used:
Scone in 60 seconds(ish)! 100g self-rising flour  
3g of baking powder
25g of butter
25g of cheddar
Pinch of fresh chopped parsley
Pinch of fresh chopped thyme
50g finely diced pineapple chunks
We rubbed the butter in the flour and baking powder then added the rest rolled them so they were 1cm thick cut them out with a cutter and popped them in the oven for 10 mins at 200 degrees and went off for a cuppa. The Verdict AMASING!!!!! Eaten warm they are now going to be a regular treat!  
It’s got me thinking what else can we reinvent?………………………………..

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