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Scheinizzl - One More (salzach Version)

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito

Hailing from Salzbourg in Austria,Scheinizzl is a 25 year-old producer whose new track we wanted to share with you.Scheinizzl discovered music at a very young age. While we were all playing ball or jumping rope, he was already composing music on the guitar and the piano. He then discovered hip-hop when he was 17 and started making beats on Reason. And with time, the rhythm of his tracks got faster and he started creating electro-ambiances for his productions in order to make his tracks more appropriate for the dancefloor. Because more than just bouncing to the sound of the low bass, he wants to make us dance to the beautiful melodies of his tracks.And we delightfully dance on these deep and groovy tracks inhabitated by nicely selected vocals.

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