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Scheduling Your Day.

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
Do you ever wonder... where does the time go?  Or you look at your watch and are, it's 10:03 p.m. already...!  I did just that last night.  I was adding new items to Blondie's Shop and completely lost track of the time.  The night escaped me.  And let's just say that this happens rather frequently.  But, I did accomplish my goal with the shop last night so...a WOOHOO and fist pump for me!
I am a creature of habit and follow a pretty precise routine.  I'm a fabulous organizer and a pretty good task manager.  At least I like to think these two key elements are an ever present part of me and pretty obvious from the get-go.  I guess we will need to wait and see what my girlfriends say who read the blog...
I schedule my day, every day, all aspects.  The day j-o-b.  Blondie's Shop.  Errands.  Workouts.  Virtual Coffee Dates.  Sunday morning movies.  Everything.  Yep, it is all written down in my planner and on my phone calendar too!
Me time is important.  I schedule mine.  Yes, I really I do.  I block out the time in my PlannerPad and write specific details for what that time will include.  And I do exactly that!  Typically, it involves reading a fun book outside somewhere sipping on a frosty beverage.  What does your me time include?
To-do's.  Lately my list is never-ending.  I make lists for everything!  Did I forget to mention that organization is a crucial thing for me?  It's a key element of sorts.  It is the be all - end all for me.  Well, it does come pretty darn close.  As a result of the growing list I now categorize the
A cup of joe is an absolutely crucial element to the start of my morning.  As I am making dinner or shortly thereafter I set-up the coffee machine for the morning brew.  Anyone else do this?  I even go so far as to put out the coffee cup, spoon, and Splenda packet.  Yes, this is me.  Now, don't get me wrong I don't absolutely positively need the coffee, but I do prefer it.  I can and have gone without.  Let's just say it's a double bonus and makes me uber happy to get first sip of coffee!  It's an ah-ha moment of sorts and a perfect way to start the day, in my opinion...
Oh, and need I forget the importance of scheduling time with your girlfriends!  This is absolutely crucial and a must in my book.  Several of my close girlfriends live out of state so, we schedule virtual coffee dates.  I know this sounds funny, but in all actuality it is a lot of fun!  Come on...I know you schedule time too!
Have a wonderful day! 
Scheduling Your Day.

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