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Scary Day

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Originally, I was to be posting about an average day in my life.  Camila at Effortless Style has me participating in the  "In Her Shoes" feature today.  While writing that post I thought "Wow, my life is pretty much the same everyday", I even joked about "Groundhog Day".  Boy, do thoughts have a way of biting you in the ass.  I learned a huge lesson yesterday. Normal is perfectly fine. Boring is good, great actually.  Sorry, I am just really shook up and grateful and a jumble of emotions.
I am recovering from a very scary day yesterday.  My little one Joe took a header down a tall, steep flight of stairs while visiting with his 2 year old cousin.  They were hugging at the top of the stairs and lost their balance.  He took the brunt of the fall with his head, and actually helped break most of the fall for his cousin (he is a gentleman after all). They are both doing well, but was that horrifying.  He had to be  back boarded and ambulanced to the hospital.   I actually have a picture of this because he was freaking out about the apparatus they were putting on him and wanted to know what it was. The EMT suggested a photo to show him.   Don't really think that helped.
Scary Day
We spent the afternoon having him monitored.  Thomas was so sweet and concerned for his little brother.  My heart melted as I watched him rubbing his arm while they watched cartoons... I saw just how big a bond they have.
Scary Day I have to thank the response team in Rowley, MA and the team at Anna Jacques Hospital.  They were so fantastic, and helped take the drama down several notches.  
Joe is doing much better today, a little banged up but ready to play... which we will be doing from the couch.  He told me this morning he doesn't like going to the hospital. Me neither!
Scary Day
I on the other hand am still in brain disconnect, processing.  (ex: I filled the coffee pot twice, flooded my counter, went to grab everything in the floods way and knocked my phone into a pot of water this morning)
My brain is spinning on being so thankful that everything is going to be OK.  A story about a little girl that vanished from the beach in Rockport came on while I was sitting with Joe in the hospital.  I have not been able to get her story out of my head.  I feel so badly for her family and what they are going through. It made this entire experience so much more insignificant and significant at the same time, and only emphasizes how lucky we were.  I have my son to hold ( a little closer now), he is going to be fine. 
Also, its those little boring moments, the re-runs of our lives, that we take for granted. Wishing you a safe and happy weekend.  I am going to be spending it a little slower for once.
xo Danika

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