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Scars And Strength

By Ldsapologetics
I've heard that we should never be ashamed of our scars, they serve as a reminder that we were stronger than whatever tried to hurt us.
They show others that we are survivors. They always have a story but not all scars are visible. Physical wounds are finite in the sense that the damage has limits. Emotional and mental wounds can last a life time on the other hand.
Every scar tells a tale. Some good, some bad, some entertaining and others that are terrifying. 
The stories of our lives are often told by our scars. When Jesus was resurrected He was not fully healed, He had the wounds of His crucifixion still. Maybe He still had scars as a way of telling the story of His crucifixion that could in no way be more potent than through displaying those scars.
Job was covered in boils after he lost his family, his property and his wealth. The scars from the boils would have reminded him that he persevered through his trials and did not merely survive but he prevailed and did so with his faith intact. Still, not all his scars would be visible, some of the most painful would be mental and emotional scars.
Sometimes our scars, visible and not, remind us how far we've come, how much we've grown, how strong we are and how strong we were.
Each one of us has a unique story that is often told through our scars visible or not. But our scars don't define us, we define our scars.
Scars And Strength

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