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Scarlett Johansson & The Magical Green Dress

By Fashiontakeout @FashionT_O

A Scarlett Johansson Fairy Tale Fashion Fantasy
There once was a fair maiden named Scarlett Johansson. She dreamed of living in the wanderlust of the fashion world. The only way this was possible is if she could find the magical green dress. The magical green dress possessed python poison that could transform any little wafe into a fashion model of today.
So Scarlett wandered across the Internet galaxy searching and scouring the Internet divide until she came upon the mysterious forest of Otteny Place. There Scarlett found the "magical green dress" and the python poison that it possessed; but the slithering Python Snake possessed the dress and she had to feed the snake a sneaky dirty rat. In order to own the magical green dress; she had to acquire a pair of Loeffer Randall Filippa migon flat sandals to trade for a sneaky dirty rat.
Scarlett took the Filippa mignon flat sandals and traded them for the sneaky dirty rat and returned to the slithering Python snake to make her trade. She placed the sneaky dirty rat before the Python; he grinned as he gobbled the dirty rat. Then Scarlett felt a wonderful warm transformation come over her. She looked at herself; the "magical green dress" had transformed her into the fashion model that she had dreamed of...happy shopping my little wanderlust...hope you like my little fantasy fashion story.
OH Scarlet; You Natural Beauty
OH Scarlet; You Natural Beauty by fashiontake-out featuring reed krakoff handbags

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