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Say WHAT..?

By Susanroux

Say WHAT..? Grandma's Tea Set Original oil painting  20x16" by Susan Roux
Life takes us on some pretty interesting journeys sometimes. Not just art journeys, but all sorts of different types.
I am diving head first into a new project that is about as shocking to me as it will be to you. I always think decisions like this are well thought out and the germination process is at least a year, usually longer, but not in my case. I used to tell people if they looked up stressed in the dictionary, they'd find my picture. Now the word I'm sitting next to would be spontaneity.
What is my project? I'm in the beginning stages of opening an art gallery. Not a typical art gallery, mind you. Oh no, if you know anything about me by now, you already know I don't follow the pack. My gallery will focus on international art. It would have been too easy to contact all you talented, trusted artist friends and fill my space with wonderful art. Why is it, I wonder, that I always push towards the most challenging avenue I can find? Don't wait for an answer here. I don't know why myself...
It seems to be that the nightmare of learning about importing, which by the way also includes exporting (the country the art is leaving) will be at the crux of my journey. By this time next year I might be very educated on the subject and a whiz at filling out the paperwork. (One can only hope...) My nights have become nearly sleepless as I continually ask myself if I've gone completely nuts!
They do say that about artists, you know.
Much like most of you, I've often wondered why artists got the reputation of being loony. I've felt level headed journeying through life and I'm an artist. The common phrase didn't seem to apply at all. But as I look at how I'm completely driven on my rash decision, I understand how the average business person could never move forward on such a venture by simply following their heart. I suppose this is where we are viewed as crazy. Creative people are the ones who carve their way with their hearts.
Now isn't that appropriate for the month of February?
Grandma's Tea Set is not a new painting here on my blog. I've reposted it because I'll be exhibiting it in the Art of Heart exhibition at House Arts Gallery in Gray, Maine. It will hang for a month in a special impromptu exhibition that resembles the type of spontaneity that pushes me forward. Gotta love that!
The opening is Friday, Feb 15, a post-Valentine wine and cheese event. It's 5-9. Please stop in and say hi. Mary Colangelo, the bubbly owner, will be happy to make your acquaintance and I'll be happy to spend some time with you...

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