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Deadline for Submissions - Saturday!!!

By Susanroux

Deadline for Submissions - Saturday!!!
Call to Artists deadline for submission is fast approaching. Click here to enter the juried exhibition to be held in Portland Maine at Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery. Best of luck!
Deadline for Submissions - Saturday!!!
It's been a full week here at the gallery. Stas Borodin, our Russian artist, has been visiting for the past two weeks. He's been busy painting plein air every day. It's the only way he paints. We opened his exhibition on Friday. It was very well attended. The gallery was packed all night!
Borodin travels all over the world painting, much like olden day artists such as Monet and the other Impressionist who found families to host them while they painted distant landscapes. From China to Israel to France, Cuba, Germany and the United States, he paints and exhibits everywhere he goes. He lives the true life of a traveling artist. And rest assured he has stories to boot! He has been staying in my guest room while painting Maine. Luckily the weather has been favorable, at least until now.
He leaves for Rhode Island on Friday, but only after he completes a portrait of a darling little two year old named Abby. He plans to sit her in front of a movie so she can be still for a duration. It should be an interesting undertaking. You know how energetic two year old's can be..! I wish I could be present, but I will be at the gallery teaching during that time.
I want to wish Stas Borodin safe travels and hope he returns again next year.
Happy painting everyone! Don't forget to enter the juried show. It will be our October exhibition!

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