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Sawadee Ka

By Agnes

Oh Thailand. 

Been spending the last few days at what can only be described as paradise, a.k.a. my friends' house down in the south of Thailand, where orchids seem to grow like weeds and where the natural white noises {rain, birds and systematically situated fountains} put the best of those relaxation CDs to shame. Top that with American electrical outlets aplenty (read: Ernie and I are no longer forced to share the lone adapter we inherited from Lucky) (not that we didn't have ample opportunities to buy more but somehow this task never made it to the nonexistent priority list). 

And I haven't even mentioned the world class company. Let's just say, life is pretty perfect right now.

beach thailand thai pants

I have no intention of going up to Bangkok. I'd rather stay put right here in the middle of nowhere for a bit, catching up with friends, enjoying the rain, the lack of need for hair and make-up, the coconuts and the world's best mangoes. I know I say "best mangoes" about a lot of countries but what can I say, I love mangoes. 

Beautiful orchids friend's house

Rain rain don't go away. Such a nice contrast to the big cities of the last few weeks. Also a nice break from hotel life.

Thai noodles

Spicy food and I get along famously -- always have. (We go way back.) Don't really understand how locals are so tiny though, I would look like a cow if I had constant access to food like this. 

Thai pants and clean laundry

Having clean laundry truly is a blessing and nothing beats the comfort of Thai pants. What they lack in flattering virtues they certainly make up for in comfort and let's not forget the clever and much appreciated one-size-fits-all approach that facilitates my constant food consumption. 


Giant shirts are another efficient method of camouflaging the side effects of too many meals. My current motto is comfort first, looks second and I can't even be bothered with make-up. 


Beach lunch

I have the best friends in the world -- don't think I don't know it.

Until next time.


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