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Savory Polenta Herbed Muffins

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
Life is not always as we plan it. Take for example yesterday. As promised I was going to share with you some delicious muffins but Comcast thought I'd be better without internet connection most of the day. 
Savory polenta herbed muffins
The same I can say about these muffins. About 2 months ago I was searching for a savory muffins recipe and stumble upon these polenta muffins. Polenta, fresh chives, basil and parsley - all in one flavorful goodness muffin. The idea of digging into them put a big smile on my face. There was only one problem, no one in my family eats polenta. I couldn't have baked muffins just for me, what kind of wife and mother am i? 
Savory polenta herbed muffins
Few weeks ago, while hubby was out I decided to give these muffins a try, just for me, half batch. Got all the ingredients out of the pantry, chopped the fresh herbs, give them a quick mix, poured into the pan and waited to bake. Everything was going by the book, except one thing : hubby came home early and the moment he saw the muffins digged into one. After he had he second one I told him they're made with polenta. He didn't seem to care, he love them. What do you know, he's eating polenta!!!  
Savory polenta herbed muffins
Last week I made them again. This time I went with the whole batch. There's no turning back. I see these muffins baking in my oven at least once a month. They are a great breakfast treat or as an after nap snack for Tiffany.  Even if you're or not a polenta lover you're going to love these. Promise, pinky promise. 
Savory polenta herbed muffins
Yeah, they are that good!! 
To make your own muffins you have to get the recipe from my friend Cristina's blog

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