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Savoring the Season - Presence Over Presents

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
I'm cuddled up next to my glistening Christmas tree, hot cocoa (with peppermint) in hand taking in the last few, sweet days of the season. I can't believe that Christmas is almost here. Someone explain to me how that happened. But I'm happy to say that my attempt to slow down and really savor the holiday season this year has been a success.
Savoring the Season - Presence over Presents
I was very adamant about spreading out our Christmas shopping this year and getting everything done in stride rather than waiting until the last minute and running around town in a wild frenzy. Actually I've avoided "town" (aka the mall area) for the entire month of December. It's been glorious.
Savoring the Season - Presence over Presents
I've rocked Christmas PJs and socks on the regular. Watched Christmas movies (old and new). Baked homemade cookies (for the first time ever!). Made my own ornaments. Went to a Christmas program with my Grandma. Visited the big tree in downtown Tampa (pictured above). Rode around looking at Christmas lights with Christmas music blasting the entire way. And I'm looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Adam's. 
I'm really nailing my Christmas To Do list, you guys.
 Savoring the Season - Presence over Presents
I'm learning that it's true what they say - the older you get, the less the presents matter and the more the presence matters. Don't get me wrong...I'm so incredibly grateful for the thoughtful gifts that I've been given, and there's nothing like finding the perfect gift to give to a family member or friend. But I'm even more happy about the time that I've spent with my loved ones and the memories that were made. I love laughing with them. Having heart to hearts with them. And just doing life with them in general. My heart is bursting with happiness, and I almost forgot to be stressed out about grad school decisions ;)
But really - take some time to savor your people. Surround yourself with them these next few days and just take it all in. Presence > Presents.
Merry Christmas my sweet friends! I'm so thankful that you come here every week to slow down and savor life's lovely little things with me.
xo, Jess

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