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Saving Lives

By Sue15cat
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I saved another one of these this morning, a lovely little baby wild rabbit, old enough to be away from it's Mum but obviously not old enough to know the dangers of a stalking big ginger puss.
Ginger brings them alive and kicking back to the house.  I think usually he finishes them off close by and sits enjoying his warm breakfast not far from the conservatory door.  But once last week and then again this morning his little 'takeaway breakfast' escaped from his grasp and had the sense to hide in a small place.
And for the second time I have been in the right place at the right time.  Last time I was going round the back of the house to the tap and saw he had one trapped behind the waste pipe, it was squeezed into the smallest of places and would have been mercilessly tormented until Ginger had lost patience, or dragged it out. I picked Ginger up and unceremoniously dumped him in the house with the cat flap locked and come back to wheedle little Mr Bunny from his hiding place.
That one froze and lay perfectly still in my hands so I examined him all over and once satisfied that he was intact and not injured in any way I took him to the edge of the woodland and let him go , the shocked little bunny just sat there frozen after the shock of his ordeal and the thorough examination, so I picked him up again gave him a quick warming cuddle and gently threw him into the undergrowth, this brought him to his senses and he hopped away.
This mornings little bunny had squeezed himself behind the planters on the patio and would have been yanked out pretty soon if fate and Mavis' weak bladder had not sent me out to let Mavis have a wee.  I left both dog and cat fascinated by the planters and picked up the little furry fluff ball from right under their noses, trying in vain to check his wriggling body over, but he was obviously as fit as a frightened fiddle and once on the edge of the woods he hopped away to safety.  
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I came back to find a very puzzled trio of dogs and one very cross cat examining every inch of the patio pots for the obviously now completely invisible bunny.
Saving lives, especially first thing in the morning is a pretty good start to the day.
Sue xx

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