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Save Your Self from Hackers

Posted on the 17 July 2011 by Techsea360 @techsea360
SAVE YOUR SELF FROM HACKERSWhen a new website is launched and it gains a household name,hackers are trying to find a way to gain total control over it.They have lots of time on their hand and they spend their day and night to hack your profile.G mail is currently the biggest e  mail service provider.So, definitely it also caches the eye of hackers.
Hacking using Phishing: 
Phisher hacking is the most commonly used hacking techniques used by hackers.This type of hacking requires a more HTML coding and PHP knowledge.
One fine morning you will receive an e mail saying that "click the link below to protect your self from hacking".and when you click on the link a similar  page to your g mail login page appears.And all you need to do is to enter your ID and your password.And when you done it says that some error massage.


There are few steps you can take when you have made this kind of mistakes.

1: Immediately go to your account and change your login password.
2: Go to this link and fill out the form.You need to know the exact date when your account was created.

Prevention is better than cure:

1: Se at the browsers URL.If there is https:// then know that this is secured line.If not then be aware.

2: Google has created 3 step login procedure where you need to put your mobile phone no.And every time you or any body tries to login to the account a verification code will be sent to the users mobile phone which is required to log in to the account.
So,activate it today by loging into your account.


Hacking using key logging:

Key logging is a technique where a software is used to monitor every key typed and every mouse moved.And when you log into your account it will record it too.And send it to the hacker.
Some software like ActualKeylogger runs in your background and you cant even tress it out.Not even with antivirus software.

Steps you should take:

1: Install antispyware.(Google it).
2: keep it up to date.

Thats all you can do.

Let me know if someone have any kind of queries............GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A SAFE COMPUTING.  

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