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Reclaim Your DVDs.

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by Techsea360 @techsea360
Reclaim your DVDs.Many times we face a very common yet unrecoverable problem and that problem is read error or CRC error while reading a DVD. Today I will show you different methods of overcoming this problem. First of all if you are installing from the DVD or playing directly from DVD then don’t do that. Copy it to your local hard drive. And eventually you will get the error message while copying from normal Window copy pest. You must use Tera copy (click on the link to download) or similar software which can error freely copy from a DVD.The other thing that you can do yet the risky one is to clean you DVD read write side (i.e the glossy side which you are told not to touch) some time when a DVD is left for a long time due to moisture the glossy side becomes opaque due to dust deposition. Hence laser can not read correctly. So follow these steps.1. Spray Collin or other cleaner that is used to clean tables or TV screen.(i.e used to clean glass) on the glossy side.2. Leave it for a second and the rub the glossy side with cotton, rub it until all the Collin is dry.3. DVD is ready for use.

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