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Save The Date Videos

By Lovegetssweeter @LoveGetsSweeter

The time has come and you have finally narrowed down the chosen ones who will be invited to your wedding. This calls for the ‘Save The Date’ but what do you send? I guess tradition states a simple invite in the styling of your soon to be wedding stationary, maybe something a bit cooler like a magnet or a tea towel that guests can keep? Something that will stick in the mind of your guests, help them to remember the important date. It’s usually something that reflects you both, maybe even giving a hint to what the day will be like, but it really could be much more unique if you decided to go for a Save The Date film/ video…

Save The Date Videos

This was just a cool idea I tried out with Keri and Tom this year. Keri just happens to be my sister in law and has set her date for March next year. They have family all over and although it’s quite a small wedding they wanted to make sure everyone got enough notice so they could make the necessary arrangements so they could come. Thing is, she’s a girl after my own heart as she didn’t fancy doing it the traditional way and as Tom so bluntly put it…it saves him sticking 60+ stamps and writing out all those names!

I tried to think of what they were all about, what they were like as individuals and as couples and how I could do something fun that also included their latest family member, Marvin the Jackapoo! Queue a few days of storyboarding and listening to song ideas…and then the task of waiting for the rubbish weather to subside. We scheduled in an afternoon and headed off to Liverpool where we all braved the wind and got filming…

Click here to view the embedded video.

So, what do you think? I know their family and friends loved it…

“absolutely gorgeous Charlene is very talented.”

“The film is amazing and as always you had me in tears”

“What an amazing invitation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie is the best, have put the date in my diary, can’t wait for the day! xx”

“Keri and Tom,
Just back from the US. Wow, Wow and Wow again! What an amazing and lovely video. The date is in the diary. How could we forget it! Thank you so much for letting us both know and what a talented sister-in-law you have. We particularly loved seeing Marvin.”

“Dear Keri and Tom,
Thank you for the video and Save the Date! We are saving it. x Very exciting!”

“We really liked the video and the idea -very clever, having never had anything like it ever before!! It’s a first! Roger said it was very artistic. Well done to your Sister in law!”

“Great work kezz. Lovely video, but can you please tell tom his acting skills need improving…. ”
“Such a sweet and moving short video. You both look very happy and of course Marvin too.”

“Wow that’s SUPER Keri….. So special!”

“Fantastic ! I love it ! I’ve saved the date ! How amazingly clever is Charlie !”

Now, I know a bit of cheesy acting or messing around in front of the camera isn’t for everyone. The film above is just a fun example of what can be done and how a film can get a better message across. I’ve also filmed an engagement shoot and created a little film of the shoot for the couple that they shared on Facebook. This was more relaxed, much more in the style of how I film a wedding…

Click here to view the embedded video.

Emma and Andrew’s Engagement Film

Short and sweet, perfect for adding your own message on the end. We tied this in so I was filming the photographers engagement shoot. We work a lot with the very talented Evie at Chapter Photography so the couple didn’t even realize I was filming a lot of the time as I just sneaked around them (not in a creepy way, obviously).

If this is something you think you’d like to do, maybe you already have an idea or would like to work with me to create your own unique Save The Date film, then get in touch [email protected]

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