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Sassy Stylin' Sunday.

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_
Fall chic for Arizona, 100 degree weather (still).  This outfit is definitely something I could pull off today.  But, I'd have to make a quick run to the mall to purchase a cheetah scarf...don't have one yet.  Yes, yet.  I'm on a spending hiatus however, the cheetah scarf if a must-have for this fall season. 
Sassy Stylin' Sunday.I won't be heading to a movie this morning with Mom.  Today I'm spending the day at home, writing and working in my design studio.  And of course I'll be "listening" to football and/or any girlie movies that might be on.  Besides writing, I need to complete a set of 40 "Peekaboo" Baby Announcement cards in pink and cream vintage with rosettes.  They are very sassy little cards.  And most importantly I'll be starting the Korsten Couture collection of 17 sets of cards.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Mel, my sister, was nice enough to come over yesterday and let's just say...make a few selections for my new collection and I've named it after her (with her permission of course).  Very exciting!  I hope to complete these cards this upcoming week and then transition into my fall cards and holiday (Christmas and New Year) cards.  The boutique I'm participating in is coming up rather quickly and I might just happen to sneak a few other boutiques in before hand...maybe, not quite sure yet. Have a wonderful Sunday!  I hope each of enjoy the day and have fabulous fall weather.  Oh, and I bought 2 taffy apples yesterday - fall has definitely arrived.  See you soon.
Sassy Stylin' Sunday.

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