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By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
SapphireSapphireSapphireSapphireSapphireSapphireSapphireSapphireSapphireSapphire Wearing: dress c/o Sugarlips // Celeste Stein socks // Alexander Wang boots //DIY clutch // mothers belt
Late one evening, while playing an impromtu game of "truth or dare" mixed with "spin the bottle" with a Target sunscreen tube (spin the bottle, and then pick "truth" or "dare"), Fermin and I amused ourselves with silly dares, and rather hilarious truths. He then asked "If you could have unlimited amounts of either flowers, candy, jewelry, or clothes, which would you choose?" I narrowed it down to flowers and jewelry. Then finally to a pair of studs.
Little did I know that Fermin had somehow already read my mind, without me ever having to say a thing.
I am absolutely smitten with this dress: I cannot wait to wear it again for the holidays.It's so comfortable, that I think it will be perfect for all those holiday meals! Photobucket

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