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Sannyasa Life

By Vikasacharya

Sannyasa LifeOriginally posted on Vikas Acharya:


Sannyasa  is the life stage of the renouncer within the Hindu system of philosophy of four age-based life stages known as ashrams. It is the topmost and final stage of the ashram system and is traditionally taken by men or women over fifty or by young Brahmacharis who wish to renounce worldly and materialistic pursuits and dedicate their lives to spiritual pursuits. People in this stage of life develop vairāgya, or a state of dispassion and detachment from material life, renouncing worldly thoughts and desires in order to spend the remainder of their lives in spiritual contemplation. A member of the sannyasa order is known as a sannyasin (male or female) or “sannyasini” (female).

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Sannyasa Life

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