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Sandy Hook: The Boys Who Were Evacuated TWICE

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Among the many curious things about the Sandy Hook school massacre is the phenomenon of doppelgängers.

There are those who say that some of the school children allegedly killed by Adam Lanza miraculously appeared in the Sandy Hook children’s choir months later, not just alive but looking 2-3 years older.

Then there is 6-year-old Noah Pozner who managed to achieve the phenomenal feat of being killed twice — first at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14, 2012; the second time two years two days later at the Army Public School half a world away in Peshawar, Pakistan on December 16, 2014. (See “Dead again: Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner also killed in Pakistan Taliban shooting!”)

Now, thanks to the sharp eyes of FOTM reader who calls himself (with tongue firmly in cheek) Barry Soetoro, Esq., we’ve found two more doppelgängers. They are two boys, presumably students at SHES who, strangely, were evacuated twice from the school on that fateful day in 2012.

One of the many curiosities about Sandy Hook is the dearth of images of children being evacuated from SHES on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012. SHES children were estimated to number about 600, but the dash cam videos from three police cars parked in front of the school that morning showed no children being evacuated.  (See “Sandy Hook hoax: Where were the 100s of students being evacuated?”)

Instead, only two photos of SHES children being evacuated had been made available to the American people, both taken by local newspaper Newtown Bee reporter Shannon Hicks, who claimed she had taken the photos at around 10 AM on Dec. 14, 2012, after police had entered the school to find Lanza supposedly dead by his own hands after killing 20 first-graders and 6 adults.

Here are the two photos (please make note of the green SUV in both pics):

Sandy Hook evacuation
Connecticut School Shooting

The two photos show two different groups of students being evacuated, right?

Are you sure? Look again.

Notice the blond boy in a navy top and blue jeans at the head of the line in the first picture? Let’s call him Boy #1. Can you spot him in the second picture?

See the smaller shorter boy in a grey top and blue jeans at the end of the line in the first picture? Let’s call him Boy #2. Can you spot him in the second picture?

I’ve cropped the two pictures to better show the students, and arrayed one on top of the other so that you can compare the two. (Click image to enlarge)

Sandy Hook evacuation cropped

You might say, “Ha! The children probably moved around while they were being evacuated, so that Boy #1 fell behind and went from being first in line to the back.”

But wait!

How could the two boys shift their positions in the line so quickly?

See the green SUV in the two pics?

The SUV is the key. There is simply no way for the two boys to have so quickly changed their positions in the lineup, not to mention the other kids in the two photos are entirely different. All of which point to the two photos as being of two different groups of students (except for boys #1 and #2) being evacuated.

That leaves only one explanation: Boy #1 and Boy #2 were evacuated TWICE. 

Will wonders ever cease. 


There are other reasons to question the authenticity of Hicks’ photos, which most likely had been taken in a school drill, instead of on the day of the alleged massacre. See Professor Jim Fetzer’s “Sent worldwide, Shannon Hick’s ‘iconic’ Sandy Hook photo was faked“.

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H/t Barry Soetoro, Esq.


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