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Sandy Hook: Photo of Adam Lanza is Fake?

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

I don’t do Photoshop, and so am not knowledgeable about Photoshop.

The man who goes by the alias Barry Soetoro Esq., to whom I am grateful for many news tips, presents this video analysis of how a familiar photo of alleged Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza is a product of Photoshop.

To summarize, “Barry” points to the following evidence that the Lanza photo has been photoshopped:

  1. A circle cut out below Lanza’s left nostril. (Also, his nostrils are asymmetrical.)
  2. Jagged outline of pupil.
  3. Right side of neck is much longer and has a wavy lump.
  4. Hair is layered, with brush marks above his head.
  5. A notch in left jaw.
  6. Strange blur under right eye.
  7. “Blobby” chin, i.e., uneven jaw line.
  8. “Brick mouth” — corners of Lanza’s mouth are brick-shaped.
  9. Left side of shirt goes down the wrong direction.
  10. Blobs and streaks on the sides of neck.
  11. Mouth not centered.
  12. Strange wavy (hair) bangs on his forehead.
  13. Straight line on left side of left pupil.
  14. Different textures when photo is rendered in High Definition.
  15. Lots of chunky straight lines in hair.

I would appreciate the opinion of readers who are adept at Photoshop.

H/t Barry Soetoro Esq. and Jim Fetzer.

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