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Sandy Hook Massacre: The 26 Christmas Trees

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

On December 14, 2013, 19-year-old Adam Lanza allegedly shot to death 26 people (20 first-graders and 6 teachers) at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, after which he allegedly shot himself.

That day, parents of the school’s students were sent to the volunteer fire station next to the school, presumably so that they wouldn’t be in the way of the police and first responders who had converged on the school.

SH fire station
Sandy Hook Fire Station (note the yellow circle: we’ll come back to this later)

A day after the massacre, on Dec. 15, an anonymous man in North Carolina donated 26 Christmas trees in memory of the 26 victims.

As James Nye reports for the Daily Mail, Dec. 15, 2013, while watching the media’s TV coverage of the shooting, the anonymous benefactor “was moved” to donate the trees when he saw an advertisement for a Christmas tree sale at the fire department.

At around 3 p.m. on Dec. 15, “firefighters began unloading the 26 trees and placed them out down the road in a line . . . leading towards the tragic school.”

firemen move Christmas trees to road

“Women and children helping out at the fire station” decorated “the five-foot trees.”

decorated SH Christmas trees

Victoria Stein, 17, who arrived from Greenwich, Connecticut to pay respect to the dead children and staff of the school, said, “This is a wonderful gesture, it will help all those who have been touched around the world by the outrage. We thought our state was safe, we thought that this could never happen here. For the authorities here to do this has been amazing.”

Newtown resident Daniel Brown came to lay a wreath and was also touched by the Christmas gesture, “We felt the need to come here with our children and this is a wonderful way to honor the young children who died.”

SH Christmas trees3
SH Christmas trees4

Isn’t that moving? And wasn’t it thoughtful and generous of that anonymous North Carolina man to donate the 26 Christmas trees to remember the 26 victims?

There’s just one thing wrong.

The Christmas trees were already at the fire station BEFORE the anonymous N.C. man donated them.

You may say: “Well, of course the trees were at the fire station before the anonymous man donated them because – DUH! – the station was planning to have a Christmas tree sale!”

There’s just one other thing wrong.

The Sandy Hook fire station had EXACTLY 26 Christmas trees the day before the anonymous donor so generously donated 26 Christmas trees to remember the 26 victims.

Remember the yellow circle in the top right of the pic of the Sandy Hook fire station at the beginning of this post?

Here’s an expanded and closer-up shot of the yellow circle — a screenshot I took from the aerial footage of the fire station on the day of the massacre, Dec. 14, 2013, showing two rows of cut Christmas trees “hidden” behind the fire station.

SH Christmas trees

Let’s count the Christmas trees!

I have 26. What about you? (Click the pic below to enlarge)

SH Christmas trees2

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By Angelus Toxicus
posted on 16 August at 01:04

your a FUCKING Liar spreading DISINFORMATION. If YOU took this screenshot from the Arial footage that was filmed only minutes after the shooting than how on earth did you count only 26 trees when clearly there are ANOTHER 15 Trees than can CLEARLY Be seen on the SAME Arial footage you claimed to have taken your screenshots from. Even worse YOUR OWN Screenshots actually show these other 15 trees to the upper left corner of your own photographs. There is only ONE Possible reason that you would spread this kind of disinformation. That would be in hopes that other lazy researchers would notice your screenshot and trip out at the notion that the fire station happened to have exactly 26 trees BEFORE there where 26 victims. And then once truthers spread your disinformation like it is fact, YOU would likely pose as another alies and show the screenshot that clearly shows 15 more trees from the same arial footage. Once you do that you completely Discredit any researcher who failed to do his own homework and ran with your propaganda. And the moment these people get discredited NOBODY is going to listen to another word they have to say about this event. So while here you pose as a truther, it is Obvious that you are doing this to discredit researchers in order to get the masses to ignore everything else anyone has to say about it. The only reason somebody would do this is if they are trying to convince people of the official story. Irony is here your posing as a truther who claims not to believe the official story. And BTW no 26 trees where donated. As you said your self, The donor supposedly spotted the anual sale in the TV Coverage of the shooting and on the 15th called the fire station, PURCHASED 26 Of the trees and asked they be donated in memorandum. So your entire blog is DISINFORMATION Hence the reason you didnt put your fucking name on it..