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S&S; Review: Sniper Elite V2

Posted on the 05 May 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
S&S; Review: Sniper Elite V2 Title: Sniper Elite V2 Format: PS3, Xbox 360, PC Release Date: May 2nd, 2012 Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Rebellion Price: $59.99 ESRB Rating: M
There have been many WWII shooters, from Call of Duty to Medal of Honor, but there has never been one quite like Sniper Elite V2.
S&S; Review: Sniper Elite V2
Presentation and Story:
If you've played the previous game in the series, you'll know that the game is set during the latter years of the second world war.  Basically, all you need to know is that you were sent in to stop Nazi operations, but things end up going wrong.  This is where you put your advanced sniping techniques to good use.  The game's narrative is strung out surprisingly well, thanks to some solid voice over work and cool cutscenes.  Graphically, the game looks great.  The amount of detail in Sniper Elite's dilapidated environments never ceases to impress.  Taking down enemy snipers in old rundown houses 500 yards away never looked so good.  The main graphical component  occurs when you pull off random kills with your Springfield rifle, when you shoot at an enemy, an x-ray point of view shows off the visceral kills with style.  The soundtrack fits in perfectly with your actions.  It has a direct correlation with what you are doing, when you linger in the shadows, the sound does the same.  When you engage a group of Nazi soldiers, the sound definitely revs up.  Overall, I love the everything about the presentation in Sniper Elite V2.
S&S; Review: Sniper Elite V2 Core Gameplay and Multiplayer:
Sniper Elite is a stealth game at heart, but you have the option of going into every mission guns blazing Rambo style.  You'll be compelled to go to the silent rout though, shooting a bullet through the manhood of an unsuspecting Nazi never gets old.  When you are spotted, you'll see a silhouette of yourself, similar to Splinter Cell Conviction.  The shooting mechanics work great for sniping, if you're a hardcore player, you'll want to play on the hardest mode.  The submachine guns and pistol feel a little wonky in tight quarters but never hinders the game.  Shooting down high ranking officials in the Nazi organization always feel satisfying, and never gets repetitive.  There is online in the game, and at first it may seem a little tacked on, but is surprisingly fun.  There is the always original horde style mode you play with a partner, and then there is Overwatch mode.  One player is tasked with staying silent while planting bombs on enemy defensive weapons, while the other player is up high with a high caliber weapon, that protects the ground player.  Its a blast with a friend, and I can see myself spending more time in that mode.  There are a few bugs in the game, especially with the A.I. You'll see some idiotic movements on their part, but when you see them picking up their fallen buddies and hauling them away to a safe place, just brought a smile to my face.
S&S; Review: Sniper Elite V2 Final Thoughts:
The sequel to the overall good game that was Sniper Elite, the new entry just does so much more to the formula.  The gruesome bullet time kills are extremely satisfying, and seeing an x-ray look at some guys cranium getting blown away, just continues to bring pleasure to me.
Final Rating = 8/10 Email: [email protected] Twitter: @iSamKulii Apps: S&S Reviews on Apple and Android Stores

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