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S&S; Review: Shank 2

Posted on the 21 February 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii

S&S; Review: Shank 2 Title: Shank 2 Format: PC, PSN, XBLA Release Date: Feb 7, 2012 Publisher: EA Developer: Klei Entertainment Price: $15.00 ESRB Rating: M
One of the biggest regrets of 2010 was not purchasing the totally awesome Shank.  The demo instantly grabbed me, but never got around to buying it.  I didn't make the same mistake twice, when Shank 2 was released I was all over it.  It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.
S&S; Review: Shank 2
If you've never played a Shank game before you've missed out on a visual treat, this game is pure eye candy.  Shank 2 isn't as dark as the original game, but it still has its emo moments.  Animation is as stunning as ever with cool lifelike attacks and defensive rolls.  The environments down to Shanks douchy red headband.  Music is great in the game, it blends well with the amount of killing you will be doing.  THe story reminds me of God of War, only more shallow.  I know what you're thinking God of War is pretty shallow already, but Shank surpasses that with flying colors.  Its solid on its own grounds and serves as a good foundation for the action.
Core Gameplay/Mutliplayer:
Shank 2 addresses the few flaws the original suffered from, the biggest was the clunky dodge controls. Instead of the painful trigger-stick controls, they mapped the dodge control totally to the right stick. Attacking and healing aren't tied to the same button as they were previously. Where the animation system used to hinder Shank, it actually helps him out a lot He moves faster, pounces farther and higher, and can switch between weapons mid-combo without a hitch. Klei really refined Shank's animation system. The combat system is fluid and fast paced, a=with little touches that keep the action flowing. There are a variety of enemies the attack you in different ways from pistol packers from above to heavy machine guys spraying bullets at you.
S&S; Review: Shank 2 Shank 2 trades the first title's local cooperative campaign for wave-based online multiplayer. The wave type multiplayer game modes have been getting more exposure in games than ever before. Seems like ever since the original horde mode, developers are adding the mode into almost every game they can. The mode is solid but most of my time will probably go into the singleplayer aspect of the game. Earning cash for kills to buy mini-guns, turrets, decoys adds a bit of replayablility as well. S&S; Review: Shank 2 Final thoughts:
Shank 2 is as awesome as expected, with more blood and gore you can handle. With smooth and polished combat and a new multiplayer component, Shank 2 is a more complete package.

Final Score = 8/10

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