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S&S; Review: Resident Evil Revelations

Posted on the 26 January 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
S&S; Review: Resident Evil Revelations

Format: 3DS
Release Date: Jan 26 2012, Feb 7, 2012 NA
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Price: JPY ¥5,990.00
ESRB Rating: M

For the past few weeks you'll notice that I've been playing and reviewing games on the 3DS.  The portable has been picking up speed with the last few good games that have been released for it.  Resident Evil Revelations was easy for me because I love these games.  After the new trailer for RE 6, I was eager to play something related to Resident Evil.  I even managed to get an import of the game, which was a little expensive. Presentation/Story: Revelations is so far the best looking 3DS game out there.  Incredible character models, creature designs, environmental effects and lighting create a dreary and creepy atmosphere. These impressive features take full advantage of the engine under the hood of the 3DS, and create for some great set pieces.  You'll be stopping to smell the roses just to gander at how good the game looks.  Corridors are plentiful, dark, twisted and claustrophobic, which is a callback to the original Resident Evil games.  The audio is top notch as well, with a superb soundtrack and sinister sound effects.  The game features sort of a dynamic soundtrack like previous games, when enemies approach the whole audio atmosphere changes completely. You'll hear eerie sounds in the wind and men screaming while they transform into these creatures.  I can't and won't spoil the story for you, its solid.  Its a great foundation to play on.  I'm sure if you've played previous games, this one will feel right at home for you. S&S; Review: Resident Evil Revelations Core Gameplay: In the game you really won't be fighting zombies, Capcom has introduced the Ooze, an amorphous race of bio-organic weapons that are similar to previous enemies, but add new an diverse ways to kill.  The game still utilizes the infamous stop-and-pop mechanics introduced in RE 4.  Most people don't like the control style, but I find it ok.  Support for the Circle Pad Pro has been added, which allows for twin-stick controls.  A few aiming issues takes you out of the game, but doesn't keep you out.  The AI suffers at times, it resembles the issues of RE 5, with some of the dumbest AI partners out there.  Overall its your classic style gameplay of mostly every RE game to date. Final Thoughts: Resident Evil Revelations is a great handheld game, one that not only pushes the boundaries of the system, but creates new standards as well.  I hope more developers push   out more content at this high of a level more often.  This is an easy purchase for fans of the series and even enthusiasts.   S&S; Review: Resident Evil Revelations Final Score = 8.75/10
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