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S&S; Review: Pendulous

Posted on the 25 June 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii

S&S Reviews- Pendulous- Developed by Strange Attractor XBLIG- Justin Foster Released 5/11/12 80ms points S&S; Review: Pendulous  
  Hello everyone, this week I played through Pendulous which is an indie platformer.  The game lets you control a gear, and the goal is to get the gear to the exit portal on the other side of the level.  To do this you swing from sphere to sphere trying to avoid obstacles and overshooting the target.  It is a pretty basic concept but still manages to be fun.  This game does everything that it tries to do, and has only a few issues that are barely noticeable.   While I was playing this I felt like I was just passing time between other games I play or before I would go to sleep.  The game is not bad or boring by any stretch of the imagination, but the game doesn’t do anything to make me want to play more.  With the exception of the last few levels the game, I felt like I was just killing some time. I think maybe adding some new types of gears or new abilities in the game might have given the game more purpose and replay value.  The game does count how long you take to beat each level and you can try and beat your personal records, but again after you beat each level there isn’t much reason to go back.  The actual gameplay is very fair and balanced which shouldn’t leave gamers frustrated with overly difficult tasks.  You try and avoid electric balls, walls that move to block your path, and red smoke that destroys your gear. All reasonable challenges that can be dealt with.  Some levels can move at a fast pace and when the end is reached there is some feeling of accomplishment.  The overall game is something I remember fondly it isn’t until I try and pick the game apart that I see any flaws so don’t think my earlier comments ruin the game because it is still a good game. S&S; Review: Pendulous   The game is worth the 80ms points and I hope everyone downloads it.  The game is fully functioning and has a few challenges along the way.  While there aren't many rewards for playing through the game there is a good amount of content that has plenty of entertainment value. If you don’t look for any problems then you probably won’t find any with this one.  8/10 A well worth while purchase.
S&S; Review: Pendulous Also a link to a game trailer. Game Trailer

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