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S&S Review: Madden 25 PS4

Posted on the 25 November 2013 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
S&S Review: Madden 25 PS4
Title: Madden 25
Format: PS4(reviewed), Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360
Release Date: November 15, 2013(next gen), August 27, 2013
Publisher: EA
Developer: Tiburon
Price: $59.99
ESRB Rating: E
Madden 25 on next gen doesn't take the huge step forward I was hoping for, but what you do get is a much prettier and smoother Madden experience, and their's nothing wrong with that.
S&S Review: Madden 25 PS4 Presentation:
Let's just get this out of the way now, the Madden games on current gen platforms just aren't going to get any better. This is the best looking game we've gotten so far, but it's not that big of an upgrade from last year's game. When the presentation is at it's best, the game can really recreate a Sunday afternoon experience right on your TV. This doesn't happen with every game you play though, as occasional technical hiccups can instantly take you out of the experience. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms provide great color commentary, and although they can start to repeat all to quickly, the keep up with the actions on the field. When playing Franchise, I started to get sick of hearing them altogether. They show enthusiasm while commentating the game, they just don't have that much variety to what they're saying. So you end up hearing the same quotes and anecdotes game after game. There hasn't been a ton of new improvements on the field, as pretty much the same touchdown celebrations from the previous years make a return. The players still look great, with lifelike animations that are powered by the Infinity Engine 2. Coaches on the other hand still look like genetically modified versions of their real life counterparts, which is always off putting. Like I said above, there are a few bugs in the game. Sometimes, the commentators get confused about what's actually happening on the field, and will even get the quarters mixed up. These types of occurrences just shouldn't be in series that has been out as long as Madden.
S&S Review: Madden 25 PS4 Core Gameplay:
Just like in the previous iteration of Madden, most of the improvements are made under the hood. The Infinity Engine was introduced in Madden 13, but the new and improved Infinity Engine 2 has made even more strides, especially to the running game. Madden has never felt and looked more realistic. Every tackle feels and looks different than the last, which is pretty impressive. Last year the new engine was nice, but there were too many instances where players limbs would go haywire and contort in a disturbing fashion. This does happen in 25, but it's only on rare occurrences. Maneuvers like juking, spinning, and hurdles have all been significantly improved, and makes running backs a blast to use. There has been new tweaks to the modes that were introduced last year, with Connected franchise receiving the most attention. You can now play in Owner mode which allows you complete control over your team's finances. You can also play through Connected Franchise as your created player, with only noticeable improvements to career mode, not much as changed from last year. Madden Ultimate Team makes a return as well, which is a combination online/trading card game. Team Chemistry is back, where you'll want to match up players' with them benefitting from one another. There hasn't been a ton of new innovation with the featured modes, but once you get on the field, the experience is unrivaled.
S&S Review: Madden 25 PS4 *Next Gen Edge Although the core gameplay didn't change dramatically from the current gen version, the next gen versions do feel noticeably better.  The running game has received the biggest improvement, where now you can see and feel and every footstep, making running the ball that much more enjoyable.  The new EA Sports Ignite Engine, players' momentum feels a lot more realistic, as players will constantly adjust their stance accordingly.  On the defensive side of the ball, nothing really has changed, other than a few slight upgrades to the secondary that makes passing it bit more difficult.  The visuals have received an update, but it's not as drastic as I had hoped when EA showed the first glimpse of footage during EA's reveal.  Player and coach models appear a bit more lifelike, and the crowds are no longer consisted of cardboard cutouts.  The players on the sidelines finally receives some animations, but camera crews are still mannequins that are inanimate.  You can play the game on your Vita with remote play, and although it works, it certainly isn't the ideal way to play the game.  When you compare Madden 25's first venture into next gen with Madden 06's entry onto the Xbox 360, it's night and day.   S&S Review: Madden 25 PS4 Final Thoughts: Madden 25 on next gen is still a good game of football, but when you compare it to other next gen titles that's out there, it certainly takes the smallest leap forward out of the bunch.   S&S Rating:  7.5/10 @whatsPlay

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