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S&S; Review: F1 2012

Posted on the 24 September 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
S&S; Review: F1 2012 Title: F1 2012
Format: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Release Date: September 18, 2012
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters
Price: $59.99
ESRB Rating: E
Codemasters knows how to make great racing games, with the fantastic Dirt games behind their belts, F1 2012 is in good hands.  Codemasters have delivered once again with a stellar driving experience.  
S&S; Review: F1 2012 Presentation:
Just like in the previous F1 games, the game really marvels of the F1 sport.  There are a lot of little nuances in the game that really make you believe you're watching an actual racing event.  Even though the game looks amazing, 2011 was no slouch in the visual department either.  So if you're looking for specific improvements, you will probably be looking for quite awhile.  The cars are all still highly detailed, with some gorgeous backdrops to boot.  When you have games like Gran Turismo 5 getting all the hype, but they have a bunch low-res cars with glitchy edges and models.  I really came to appreciate that this game looks as good as it does across the board.  Now the game isn't perfect, you'll see the occasional rough edge when you're speeding across certain tracks, but thats few and far between.  Now when you add in some eye-popping weather effects into the racing experience, the visuals are really unparalleled.  Storm clouds will fill the grim sky and the asphalt will be pounded with hard rain.  To say the least, this game is extremely authentic.  An excellent soundtrack backs up the game's great presentation.  
S&S; Review: F1 2012 Core Gameplay and Multiplayer:
If you are a newcomer to the F1 scene, this game does a great job of getting you into the action quickly, but not overwhelming you with impossible tasks.  The young driver's test will get you familiar with basically every mechanic the game has.  Its not that long, but it does cover everything you need to know to start racing against the big drivers.  The game is no cakewalk, its probably the reason that they the great tutorial.  The game's precise handling gives lots of challenge and unforgiving gameplay.  To alleviate the potential headaches you'll be having, there are tons of options for braking assists, traction control, and additional racing mechanics that you can tweak to your liking and skill level.  Each race does a great job of throwing new challenges at your way, thanks to the impressive level of authenticity the game sports.  Sliding into the grass will cause your wheels to accumulate grassy substances on your wheels which directly affects your car's handling.  Tires, specific engine changes, and even fuel types will ultimately determine your outcome.  A few notable modes add a bit of variety to your game.  Champions mode pits you against some of the top names of Formula One.  Proving Grounds feels like an arcade style mode, giving you specific objectives to complete, like Time Challenges and Time Trial.  You can challenge other players via online or split-screen, luckily there was no apparent lag problems online or framerate hits when playing with a buddy on the same screen.  
S&S; Review: F1 2012 Final Thoughts:
F1 2012 is the full package for any fan of Formula One.  If you're tired of older racing games or just wanna change of pace, F1 is your best bet to getting the most out of your racing experience.
S&S Rating:9/10 @whatsPlay

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