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S&S; Mobile Review: Trigger Fist

Posted on the 08 August 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
S&S; Mobile Review: Trigger Fist Title: Trigger Fist

Format: iOSRelease:August 8th, 2012Publisher: Lake Effect/ Eric RallDeveloper:  Lake Effect/ Eric RallPrice:$0.99ESRB Rating:+9      A simple yet immersive 3rd Person Shooter for iOS devices. 

S&S; Mobile Review: Trigger Fist
STORY:      Trigger Fist has no story elements whatsoever besides the fact that there are two opposing factions hell bent on battling each other. While having no story is generally frowned upon in games, I feel it works very well with Trigger Fist. The game "understands" what it is and embraces it.  It's a game where you just shoot stuff and kill people with friends.
S&S; Mobile Review: Trigger Fist


      The controls for Trigger Fist are very simple, but work very well. To move, you drag the touch D-Pad on the left of the screen. To aim, you just drag your finger around the screen, and to shoot you tap and hold the big red circle on the right or just double tap the screen, depending on your preferred option. To crouch you slide up or down on your character. There are also other on-screen buttons used for switching weapons, melee attacking, and throwing grenades. Plus, you always have the option to change the placement of all the buttons to your personal preference. I love the fact that there isn't any vertical movement while aiming, which makes it much easier to pull off tough shots, but also puts a limit on the environment because it can't have any elevation.
S&S; Mobile Review: Trigger Fist
      The gameplay of Trigger Fist is also very simple, yet fun and entertaining. You can play 4 different game types, team deathmatch, free-for-all, sacred goat, and king of the hill. Most of them are generic, but Sacred Goat is very creative and fun. You and your team have to capture the goat and keep him in your possession for 90 seconds to win. There is a total of 6 different maps, which are unfortunately very generic but still fun to play in. They vary from a shelled-out bridge, a stereotypical middle-eastern city, a science research lab, and a few more. You choose between three classes to play in each match, the scout, gunner, and rifleman, each with different available weapons and fight the opposing 4 man team in an all out deathmatch. Trigger Fist has a huge pool of unlockables including gear, abilities, and weapons which are gained through XP, both class specific and global experience  that apply to all three classes.The game also looks absolutely beautiful on iOS devices, really showing off the visual prowess of the system and hints at the viability of having a full fledged tripple-A shooter on an iOS device. Another trivial thing that I love about Trigger Fist is the quirky, funny, and often times downright stupid  names that are assigned to the computer players. It never gets old seeing "Action Jackson" riddle "The Lunch Lady" full of bullets while toting a goat on her back.

FINAL THOUGHTS:     Trigger Fistis a great shooter that really shows off iOS devices greatly. The only real problem I had with the game was the small amount of maps available, which could be fixed with very simply with some DLC. I would recommend Trigger Fist to iOS owner looking for a great 3rd person shooter.

S&S Rating: 9/10

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