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S&S; Mobile Review: Super Fighter Heroes

Posted on the 25 May 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii

Title: Super Fighter Heroes (Android) Format: Mobile (Android) Release Date: May 20 2012 Publisher: BLING MOBILE LTD / Developer: BLING MOBILE LTD Price: FREE ESRB Rating:  E S&S; Mobile Review: Super Fighter Heroes
Finally, some good old fashioned arcade butt kicking. Here’s one If you miss the booth with the red knobs and B, X and A buttons we would mash until our mums got tired and called us in.
Overview This is a classic fighter, arcade style, which has been seamlessly ported to android devices. The game works on most devices (OS 2.2 and higher) and allows you the option of using a keyboard if you cant handle the virtual knob and buttons.  S&S; Mobile Review: Super Fighter Heroes Gameplay Just like you’ve slotted in your arcade coins, you’re then prompted to select characters. Press start again and you’ll find yourself on then streets punching jumping and throwing. And what's an arcade fighter without his special move? It’s nothing new and incredibly satisfying to have this for free to pull out whenever you like. The game runs perfectly on my galaxy S2. Transitions and load-ups are so smooth I wondered for a sec if they didn’t make the game just like that. S&S; Mobile Review: Super Fighter Heroes Presentation Graphics are prim and edgy, marginally beating the real deal booths. Maybe it’s just my screen. Music is typical of your arcade style. All you need is running children and a stuffed animal machine for total ambience. There is a scaling option if you prefer a smaller or wider screen.  The update which includes extra buttons do make it difficult to see the corner if your screen is smaller than the new generation average. 
Final Thought Wait a minute. If this is not your cup of tea you will be glad to know that Happy Bay has TONNES of ported games waiting to be downloaded, all for free (at first glance). It's just a matter of downloading the .apk file and installing them yourself. The game itself also recommends you other free games. There’s something for everyone at this website and judging by the looks of this game, they couldn’t have done a better job with providing the android gamer with hours and hours of old school gaming. Let’s go back to our roots and appreciate how far we’ve come. Final Rating: 8/10

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