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S&S; Mobile Review: Extreme Skater

Posted on the 23 June 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii

Title: Extreme Skater
Format: Mobile (Android/IOS)
Release Date: 28 May 2012
Price: 0.99 in Apple App Store. Free on Google Play Store
ESRB Rating: All
Extreme skater. A smooth arcade skater for iPhone and android users. why is he so cool and can he land tricks?
  It's a zippy paced skater with expectations requiring quick judgment and i almost let it slip through my fingers. Besides deciding on 'left-right' choices and making second splitting reactions,there are also many high rise cliffs and maintaining your balance to worry about. It's all packed in tight burst punches of gameplay.
Extreme Skater allows you to make certain choices for progression in the game. Hidden/alternate routes are
S&S; Mobile Review: Extreme Skater  a treasure chest of points and bonuses. Offering more than one way to clear the level by finding other routes you skate freely, whether you want to hang on to a swing going  one way or air it out performing major trick points going another. With your awareness of multi-paths, seemingly one-way levels become intensely multidimensional at first, until you become concious of the fact that it's all pointing at coins, power-ups and trick prone ramps. Those are the real road signs. Hints are placed before important action sequences preparing you for a well timed reaction. The game boasts refined game handling. Whether suspended in air or in positioning of landing,  moves are executed precisely at the touch of your screen. A joy to have knowing how quickly you'll need to land when pulling the necessary 'swipe up' for that extra air. Tricks are displayed as tasks you can complete so you'll know when you've pulled off a 1200°. The boost burners sprinkled all over the level gets the blood flowing.
Presentation    All this is reason enough to explore the environment but thanks to the really urban color pallet we can enjoy the roller ride visually as well . The sharp artwork for various environments help satisfy diversity not that the
S&S; Mobile Review: Extreme Skater gameplay is boring at all. Tones and texture make the background a smooth canvas to pull of mad air tricks the skater learns on the way. There's a slick looking urban ambiance to the color scaling.. the music confirms that sentiment  with an arcade like retro sound. You'll appreciate the paint job
Final Thought
Extreme Skater has "78 huge levels," more on the way and a paid version to get rid of advertising, makeingg. My battery gets a bit hot and i need a charger near when playing. Also there are slight off/on occasional glitches.Hopefully, further updates to stage variety and gameplay interaction could make this game perfect. In truth it's a mobile gem already.
Final rating: 8.5/10

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