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S&S; Mobile Review: Catapult King

Posted on the 01 August 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
Title: Catapult King
Format: iOS
Release Date: June 7th, 2012
Publisher: Chillingo
Developer: Wicked Witch Games
Price:$0.00 for the week/$ 0.99 usually
ESRB Rating: 9+

A simple fairy tale story becomes something much greater in this fantastic new physics puzzler.
***This App is free for the week of July 30th- August 6th***
Released on June 7th, 2012, Catapult King is a unique first-person puzzler for iOS devices. It's very easy to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time, but I frequently find myself getting sucked in and playing for long amounts of time.
In the game, a princess of unknown origin is stolen by a menacing dragon and locked in a cage across the kingdom, defended by hundreds of enemy forts and soldiers. Armed with your trusty catapult, you're tasked with rescuing the princess from the dragon.

Obviously the story in Catapult King isn't deep or compelling but the gameplay makes up for it. To get pass the 64 levels (with more in development) you have to kill all of the soldiers in the stage. Your catapult starts out with a simple boulder but expands into a large arsenal of projectiles including bombs, flaming boulders, magic infused projectiles that create earthquakes, and much more. If you want to do more than just beat the levels with the bare minimum, you can try to get the extra achievements for completing all the levels under a time cap, destroying the entire castle, and locating hidden coins. Badges (similar to achievements) which are received for completing difficult challenges also entice you to replay all the levels after you bet the game.
Final Thoughts:
Overall Catapult King is an amazing puzzler with slick looking graphics and an almost infinite replay value. Unfortunately it has a shallow and boring story and that's why I'm giving it 8/10S&S; Mobile Review: Catapult King

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