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S&S; Indie Review: Trailer Park King 3DD

Posted on the 26 November 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
S&S; Indie Review: Trailer Park King 3DD
Title: Trailer Park King 3DD // Format: XBLIG // Release Date: November 21, 2012 // Developer: Freelance Games // Price: 80 MS points Each // Violence: 3/3 // Sex: 3/3 // Mature Content: 3/3
The finale to the Trailer Park King series has just been released, and its just as ridiculous as ever.  If you're looking for a game thats humorous, while still being visually stimulating, I would surprisingly recommend Trailer Park King 3DD.  
S&S; Indie Review: Trailer Park King 3DD Story, Presentation, and Core Gameplay: S&S; Indie Review: Trailer Park King 3DDIf you haven't played the first two games, don't fret.  The third game starts off with a pretty extensive recap of the previous episodes.  The last episode had you dealing with strange things happening around the trailer park, especially with Truck.  Everyone had believed that Truck was a zombie, because he had been acting weird.  Thats pretty plausible right?   This was enough to get King involved, and to help prove that Truck was a regular human.  The story is still pretty bizarre, if you haven't noticed the Total Recall three-breasted women above, you'll definitely be in for some surprises.  Since the overall goal of the game is to help truck prove his humanity and to get your porn hooked back up, if you're looking for something more serious, you may need to look elsewhere. I love that the game never takes itself seriously, it consistently mocks itself and the people that helped create it.  The game looks pretty much the same, there are still tons of scantily clad women scattered throughout the local areas.  The emphasis on the women's upper body area is still here, and its still one of the game's staples.  I've always liked the art style in the game, the characters are all drawn well, with a lot of different details that help make each character look unique in their own right.  Just like in the previous games, they don't animate other than a few static movements, but they still manage to make those crude gestures.  Humor, if you can believe me, was the main reason I enjoyed the games so much.   Interacting with characters like the oddly peculiar Nikki, and the crudely named Ms. Swallows never gets old.  The same voice actors are back, the voice acting is so bad it makes the game even funnier.  Some poorly simulated southern accents may be a pain for your ears at times, but they ultimately come off as amusing.  The amount of hilarity in the third game is greater than the two previous games combined, it has never been funnier.  The dialog alone will have you in stitches at times.  The game wants to get a laugh out of you, and if you aren't dead between the eyes, it will succeed.  The gameplay is still the same, you're still pointing and clicking your way through the short story.  There is one other mini game that you will have to take part in, a shooting gallery.  Its a cool diversion, it doesn't hurt the game, nor does it improve it as well.   Final Thoughts: The Trailer Park King games have only one goal, to get a laugh out of you.  The game really accomplishes that with one of the funniest games on the XBLIG store.  If you have 80MS points to drop, i would easily recommend Trailer Park King 3DD. S&S Rating: 7.5/10 @whatsPlay

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