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S&S; Indie Review: Notebook Adventures

Posted on the 10 August 2012 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii

S&S Reviews- Notebook Adventures- Six3six Studios XBLIG- Justin Foster Released 4/8/11 80ms points Rating Based on Community   Violence 1/3   Sex 0/3   Mature Content 0/3    S&S; Indie Review: Notebook Adventures
  Hi everyone, this week I am going to talk everyone through the game Notebook Adventures which is a 2-d platformer indie game.  This game is a little dated, but is a great platformer that should brought up on this site.  This game for me is very refreshing because I love platformers and grew up on them and to see games that go back to the classic formula is exciting.  I feel like most games today are carbon copy first person shooters and so the fps games have lost their uniqueness while platformers have had their time off and can be re-mastered.  With games like Deadlight and Shadow Complex we all can see that platformers can be part of the future of gaming.  Now that I explained why I am so keen on platformers as of late let me go over Notebook Adventures. S&S; Indie Review: Notebook Adventures    Well let’s discuss the core gameplay.  You have your little notebook drawn character “Cecil Jenkins” who goes through little maps that consist of collecting cash, keys, and reaching the end without dying.  Sounds simple and it is.  The only thing that is a danger is the spikes placed around each level.  While the game can be explained in a few short lines it doesn’t mean the game is boring.  The levels are challenging and even misleading (in a fun way.)  Sometimes trying to get the extra cash will get you killed and then the level will need to be restarted.  As you progress into the game the levels get pretty difficult and I had to stop playing a few times and come back later because I was mad I couldn’t complete it.  The game does invoke the same feelings of frustration that any classic platformer causes, but nothing worth doing in life is going to be easy so keep strong while you’re playingJ.     This is one of my shorter reviews and I wish I had more to say about this game other than it is a great platformer.  If you have some downtime this summer and want a classic platformer, then I can’t recommend a better indie game to fill your need. 
S.S Rating 8.5/10 email:[email protected]                 

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