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Sample Grant Proposal - Kurzweil Educational...

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Through this project, the Center will become the primary referral given by Health Access Latinos, Families of Any County, and three community clinics within a fifteen-mile radius of our center. We will also accept referrals of Spanish-speaking seniors from any other community agency in our immediate service area.


Most of the time, NPOs have to seek out funds from other organizations or businesses. Commonly, grant proposals are done so as to get support. The Sample Letters found below are what most NPOs send to those whom they want to get financial help and support from in order to turn their cause into action.

How to Write a Grant Proposal (with Examples) - wikiHow

You will then need to specify the amount you are requesting. It is important that you are realistic and straightforward in this part of the letter. Generate an estimation beforehand, and determine an amount that is capable of covering the possible expenses required to let your proposed project materialize.

Sample Proposal Submission Cover Letter - MCCS 29 Palms

The most comprehensive collection of grant samples may be the Foundation Center s Guide to Winning Proposals. It has 85 grant proposals that were funded. Each sample includes a critique.

I am William Brooks, an MBA student studying Renley Business School and am writing you to this letter to cover my grant proposal for working on the annual project. I am enclosing the proposal with this letter and hope that you will find all the details in it.

The next paragraph will be the summary of your proposal. This part is the most important part of your letter as it is where you will explain the details of your proposed project. You will need to elaborate on the whos, whats, hows, when, and where of your project. More importantly, you need to be able to clearly explain the 8775 why. 8776 Relate the purpose of your proposed project to the cause your organization upholds. Furthermore, state who the project will serve and benefit, and explain the possible solutions it will provide and how it will address certain concerns within the community.

A grant proposal cover letter is a formal letter which is drafted by a person who is requesting someone to provide him/her with funds or a grant for a certain purpose. The letter must state the purpose of the grant and how the sender plans to use it. For your reference, a sample has been provided below.

Assume that the reader of your proposal does not know much about the issue or subject. Explain why the issue is important, and what research you did to learn about possible solutions. More 9 Goals and Objectives Petar Chernaev/E+/Getty Images Your goals and objectives explain what your organization plans to do about the problem.

Mini grant proposal templates are basically a compressed form of elaborate proposals. The most interesting thing about these templates is that they serve the same purpose as do routine proposals without compromising on the quality of the document. It contains almost all the sections that a regular proposal does but with smaller content. It basically starts with a summary that holds the purpose and intention of the proposal. Although mini, the proposal must contain a crisp background of the concerned organization. If you find it difficult to follow such rules, you can simply refer to a template and make things easier.

Although the guts of your grant proposal will take up most of your time and energy, don t short change your cover letter. Attention to the finer points of putting the proposal package together can make or break a funding request. Don t turn off your funder with a sloppy cover letter.

Sample Grant Proposal - Kurzweil Educational...

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