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Sam Hunt Top 10 – Boots & Hearts 2021 Preview

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

It is officially official, has been booked and scheduled to headline Saturday, August 7, 2021 at (click here to see the day-to-day lineup )!

The last time we saw Sam Hunt at Burl's Creek it was 2016 and he was a winner on the main stage getting everyone ready for headliner Dierks Bentley. To tell you that I'm excited to see him again up there would be an understatement. I know that not everyone's a fan of Hunt or his style or music, but I see him as a talented songwriter, a genre-bending performer, and a star. I say, bring it all on!

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I've been in on Sam Hunt since he was added to the 2014 Boots & Hearts schedule and I looked him up and found the Between The Pines acoustic mixtape. I was all in on the 15-song album, including his versions of songs (that he wrote) that other artists had taken to the top of the charts. Heck, I wrote about him in July 2014 and felt like he was one to watch and a star ready to shine then. I was right.

When we see Sam Hunt play next summer we expect a mix of the big hits from Montevallo and his new music from SOUTHSIDE. They will be catchy and he's an enthusiastic performer, so I have no concerns about it being a good time when the Georgia native gets up on the big stage to headline.

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Now, to the Top 10!

These songs were picked in the least scientific way possible. I picked 'em because I like 'em.

They were not selected by chart ranking or streaming numbers or YouTube views. I did not consult other Sam Hunt lists to see how mine compared. I just picked the 10 songs I'd want to hear first if I was putting on Sam Hunt for a listening session and I put them in alphabetical order.

Because of that selection process, there's a strong chance that other Sam Hunt fans are going to have grudges about songs that made the list or didn't make the list - and I welcome them. Please leave a comment to tell me which songs I left off that you think should be there.

Check out the photos fro Boots & Hearts 2016, and hit play on the songs you know and on the Top 10 list!

We hope we get to see you, Sam Hunt, and thousands of other country music fans safely at Boots & Hearts in 2021!

Photos of Sam Hunt at Boots & Hearts 2016!

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Sam Hunt Top 10

Body Like A Backroad

Break Up In A Small Town

Come Over (Acoustic)

Cop Car (Acoustic)

Drinkin' Too Much

I Met A Girl

Make You Miss Me

Raised On It

Sinning With You

Take Your Time

Sam Hunt Top 10 – Boots & Hearts 2021 Preview

Sam Hunt Top 10 – Boots & Hearts 2021 Preview

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